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About Me

My name is Joseph 'Lance' Easley. I am a student at Base Camp Coding Academy, where I am training to become a full stack software engineer through their 11-month, project-based coding program. I've really enjoyed working with Python during my time at Base Camp, as I have gone off on my own to create 18 unique projects of my own on Github.

For the longest time, I have always enjoyed seeing how things work and recreating them to the best of my ability, and budget. The process of a project evolving from a vision to the final product is such an exciting and satisfying journey. Whether such a project is physical or software-based, the development cycle is something I greatly enjoy to this day.

I am currently most interested in back-end/software development. The logic side of an application fascinates me. However, I do not want an area as important as front-end development to be a weakness, so I make sure to sharpen those skills too.


I am fluent in:














Unit Projects:

Unit Projects are BCCA's "exams". Students typically work in teams of 2 for a week to complete their own project using content covered that Unit.

Side Projects:

These are projects that I do in my free time or expanded off of an assignment at BCCA. Most of these projects are built in Python and Java, as I enjoy those languages the most.

Website Projects:

These projects are made with HTML and CSS. Some may use Django as a backend framework. For the most part, they are all BCCA Assignments.

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