Lance Easley

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I am a student at Base Camp Coding Academy, where I am learning to become a full-stack developer. From my time at BCCA, however, I have taken a keen interest in Python, as I have gone off on my own to create numerous projects of my own on Github.

For the longest time, I have always enjoyed seeing how things work and recreating them to the best of my ability, and budget. The process of a project turning from a vision to the final product is such an exciting and satisfying journey. Whether such a project is physical or software, the development cycle is something I enjoy to this day.

Back in high school, I was in the school’s robotics team for it's first two years. I worked with the team to push us all the way to state competitions in our second year. Being in the robotics team did not, however, stop me from focusing on school, where I graduated with the James M. Ainsworth Mathematics award for having the highest math average of my class of 225.

I am currently most interested in back-end/software development, though I am also confident in my front-end skills using HTML and CSS.


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